Which pink do you think….

On Saturday we’ve lived in our house for four years and although I’m gradually starting to get sorted, it’s still very magnolia.  I have no idea where the time has gone but I’m determined not to start another new year with decorate the house being one of my New Year Resolutions!

The children’s bedrooms were the first rooms we decorated when we moved in as we wanted them to be comfortable in their new bedrooms.  I really think it’s important that children have input into their own spaces so Master Frugal’s room had an alien / sky at night vibe going on and Miss Frugal’s was very a very girly style with butterflies, hearts, flowers and ponies everywhere.

But they’ve both grown up a lot in the last three years and they want more grown up bedrooms so we decided to give each of the kids rooms a quick and cheap makeover before we start on our own bedroom (which will hopefully be done before Christmas).

Last weekend we gave Master Frugal’s bedroom a makeover and it looks A-MAZING (if I do say so myself) but I’ll tell you more about that another day as that deserves a whole post of it’s own.

What I wanted to ask you today was for your help with an important decorating decision for Miss Frugal’s bedroom.

Which pink do you like for her bedroom?

It’s for the wall long wall behind her bed, which was a complete bargain at £23 but no longer has the voile curtains in this picture which was taken at least a year ago.

So, which pink do you like best?

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  1. Ali says

    i would go with the pale pink :) lovely colour! im 20 and haven't has my room decorated since i was 10 (boo hoo) and my room is a similar pink. I haven't ever felt the need to have it redecorated because the colour is nice and sort of neutral, so i can put my own stamp on the room with posters, pictures etc. when my tastes change but the colour behind them isn't too much and too bright to get away from! and also if miss frugal ever does want her room painted again, it will be much easier to cover up than a bright pink (ask my dad! lol)

    • says

      That's why I've left it cream for so long (other than the fact I'm a little lazy lol) but she's decided to take down all her posters except for one and wants a grown up pink. I think you're right about the paler one as it's not as in your face is it? Now I just have to get her to agree ;-D

  2. says

    We've just done 5yo's bedroom in pink and chose a pale and vivid pink as she wanted all bright pink. It's actually the lighter pale pink that looks the nicest on the walls so I go with pale

  3. Rebecka says

    I think the left one will be best suited for a wall :) The other colours may be a bit too bright perhaps.

  4. karen says

    personally the pale shade on the left, more colours to tone or contrast with it. Like purple, sky blue etc or maybe a warm brown, depending on what she likes. And it's more restful, AND will take less covering than the deep one which I also like. Not very helpful actually, sorry!