Three things I’ve learned today….

car flood

1.  I am not, and never will be one of those sophisticated types who eats Sushi for lunch. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck! 2.  It's probably best not to get your car serviced by a garage next to a river during the rainy season just in case the river floods and the garage has to be evacuated leaving you stranded without your car until the garage reopens. This was my car when I finally got to pick it up after three days without it! 3.  If you do happen to be without your car during the above mentioned rainy season and have to get the train to work, it's highly likely that your feet will get so wet … [Read more...]

The Gallery – the cutest eyes in the world….


My little Buddy is two this week so when I saw that the theme of this week's gallery was 'eyes', I decided it was the perfect opportunity to share lots of pictures of him with you all seeing as he's got the most expressive eyes I've ever known a dog to have (obviously this could be a little biased as he's mine).... You can tell when what mood he's in just by looking into his little puppy dog eyes! We bought Buddy for Miss Frugal really as she's being asking for a dog for as long as I can remember.  When we made the decision to get a dog, we did a lot of research into what sort of dog we … [Read more...]

The Swagbucks Thrifty Blogger Challenge….

Up until a few weeks ago, I'd never heard of Swagbucks but now that I've had the chance to have a good look around the site, I'm a fan.  And I think you will be too. Basically, Swagbucks is a site where you earn points (swagbucks) for doing the things you usually do online - like searching the internet, playing games, watching videos and shopping.  You can also earn points by referring people, completing surveys and polls and taking advantage of some of the offers available on there. The Swagbucks you earn add up and can be redeemed for vouchers and gift cards for many major retailers … [Read more...]

Holidays are coming….


Christmas has officially started in our house. It actually started a week last Saturday when the Coca Cola advert was on during one of the ad breaks in X Factor - my Twitter and Facebook streams went mad for a little while after the advert had been on because everyone knows that the Coca Cola advert heralds the start of the festive season*. If I get this excited about an advert of a truck, can you imagine how excited I was to find out that that the real truck was going to be quite close to where we live on it's tour of the UK? Our adventure started like this: What my friend … [Read more...]