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Getting Active….

I try to encourage the kids to play outside as much as possible – in all weathers.

The street we live on is quiet enough and they do enjoy scooting up and down the street on their scooters but with the nights drawing in I don’t like them to go too far so it gets a bit boring for them.  This is why I try and make our garden somewhere that they’re happy to play and that their friends will enjoy playing in too.

We’ve bought lots of things for them to play with – everything from footballs to cricket bats and from Swingball to a croquet set!  The best thing by far that we have at the minute is a 10ft trampoline which is used everyday by both of them as they’re in the process of perfecting their front flips.  They play on it every opportunity they get and it’s great to see them out there having so much fun.

I also have water bombs and water pistols in the cupboard under the sink and they come out at every possible opportunity, although this isn’t the best time of year for that I suppose.  In the summer, their friends regularly come to call for them with their bathing suits on and towels in their hand ready for a water fight.

We also often make bubbles using washing up liquid and water and pipe cleaners as blowers.  It doesn’t matter how cold it is, if you offer them bubbles, their coats are on before I finish my sentence.  You never get bored of bubbles!

I love that we have a garden that encourages the kids to play out in – it’s great to see that they would rather be outside, whatever the weather, than sat in front of the TV!  Miss Frugal is after some swings or a climbing frame with monkey bars but I’m not sure if we’d still have enough room for them to play if we got them some.

Even when it’s freezing outside, my two will get wrapped up in hats, scarves and gloves and be in the back garden playing together.  And the best thing about playing out in the cold?  Coming back in to a nice cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream ;-)

Disclosure: We were sent our trampoline by Climbing Frames UK

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