Frightening (or not)….

halloween 2

This year Miss Frugal has decided that she doesn't want to wear a traditional Halloween costume - she'd much rather have a pretty one!  I've explained to her that the whole point of a Halloween costume is to wear a spooky costume but she's not having any of it. She looks, in her own words, like a rainbow has thrown up on her! Even Master Frugal isn't that bothered this year, I had to twist his arm to get him to wear a mask let alone a full costume! … [Read more...]

How much do you spend on your children at Christmas….


It's November tomorrow so I feel justified in asking you all just how much you spend on your children for Christmas. After all, the big day is only 54 days away. How much do you hate me for reminding you of that right now? I've been gradually doing my Christmas shopping for months now and I've managed to get a LOT for what I've actually spent. I've bought things in the Tesco 2 for 1 sale (ends today I think) and got some great bargains in the Sainsbury's half price toy sale last week. I've also bought some things off eBay and from the car boot sale. Top of Master Frugal's list was … [Read more...]

Getting Active….

bubble 1

I try to encourage the kids to play outside as much as possible - in all weathers. The street we live on is quiet enough and they do enjoy scooting up and down the street on their scooters but with the nights drawing in I don't like them to go too far so it gets a bit boring for them.  This is why I try and make our garden somewhere that they're happy to play and that their friends will enjoy playing in too. We've bought lots of things for them to play with - everything from footballs to cricket bats and from Swingball to a croquet set!  The best thing by far that we have at the minute … [Read more...]

Get Organised – the frugal cleaning edition….

Yellow sticky notes and push pin on white with clipping path.

Not so long ago, my cleaning cupboard used to be almost overflowing with just about every cleaning product on the market.  I had sprays, aerosols and wipes, all especially formulated to do a certain job in different rooms of the house.  If the adverts told me that something would make my life easier and my house cleaner (and they all say they do) then I would buy it to try! Then someone gave me a bottle of Stardrops to try (this isn't sponsored by the way) and I was a changed woman!  If you've never heard of Stardrops, it's available in most supermarkets for around 75p and it's like a multi … [Read more...]