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Frightening (or not)….

This year Miss Frugal has decided that she doesn’t want to wear a traditional Halloween costume – she’d much rather have a pretty one!  I’ve explained to her that the whole point of a Halloween costume is to wear a spooky costume but she’s not having any of it.

She looks, in her own words, like a . . . → Read More: Frightening (or not)….

How much do you spend on your children at Christmas….

It’s November tomorrow so I feel justified in asking you all just how much you spend on your children for Christmas. After all, the big day is only 54 days away.

How much do you hate me for reminding you of that right now?

I’ve been gradually doing my Christmas shopping for months now and I’ve managed to . . . → Read More: How much do you spend on your children at Christmas….

Getting Active….

I try to encourage the kids to play outside as much as possible – in all weathers.

The street we live on is quiet enough and they do enjoy scooting up and down the street on their scooters but with the nights drawing in I don’t like them to go too far so it gets a bit . . . → Read More: Getting Active….

Get Organised – the frugal cleaning edition….

Not so long ago, my cleaning cupboard used to be almost overflowing with just about every cleaning product on the market.  I had sprays, aerosols and wipes, all especially formulated to do a certain job in different rooms of the house.  If the adverts told me that something would make my life easier and my house cleaner . . . → Read More: Get Organised – the frugal cleaning edition….