Packed Lunch Moneysaving….

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I originally posted this a little while ago and although, I don't usually re-publish old posts I think this one is worth a second look so you can see that children's packed lunches don't have to cost the earth.  It's easy to make a filling and healthy packed lunch that your children will enjoy for around half of what you would pay for a school dinner. I'd strongly recommend a good read through the comments as well as there are some fantastic ideas in there.  Feel free to add your own too.... School Dinners seem to have got very expensive lately don't they? I think they're … [Read more...]

Family friendly frugal meals – Turkey and feta burgers….

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This week my meal plan is super easy seeing as I'm away on holiday.  I promised in my last meal plan to share a few recipes with you though so here's the first one - Turkey and feta burgers. I've start using turkey a lot more in my cooking as it's so economical and everyone really enjoys it.  This is a recipe that I made up initially when some of the kids friends came round and I don't have much in.  They sat and ate it in the garden and all came back for more so it can't be bad, can it? To make 8 small burgers you need: 500g turkey mince Feta cheese - I used about 75g but you can add … [Read more...]

Why I hate swimming parties….

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When I was young, I had a fear of water that I've never quite got over.  In fact, if I had my way, I'd never see the inside of the swimming baths again but as a parent, I'm determined that my two will be a lot more confident in the water and will enjoy swimming a lot more than I ever did.  Which is why, once a fortnight we go to the local swimming baths together. Miss Frugal has had lessons with the school and is really confident in the water, she has her 50 metre award and could probably swim more but I don't think she really sees the point - 'Why do I have to just swim up and down when … [Read more...]

How much telephone calls really cost…..


do you know the difference between an 07 telephone number and an 070 telephone number?  Or do you know how much it costs you to ring an 0845 telephone number? No.  Me neither.  Which makes it quite hard to save money on telephone calls as you don't know where you need to save. So.... In one of the longest and most boring posts I may have ever written, I've listed the costs involved in dialling all telephone numbers, from both your landline and your mobile.  The charges below are all dependent on who your landline and mobile providers are and what sort of packages you're signed up to but … [Read more...]