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Saturday is Caption Day – 30 June 2012….

You know the drill by now right?  I give you a picture and you give me a caption to go with it….

This photo is of Miss Frugal’s obvious delight (not) at the very un-frugal children’s cocktail we bought her in a Spanish bar last week.  Considering the price of it and the fact it was delivered . . . → Read More: Saturday is Caption Day – 30 June 2012….

More growing up decisions to make….

Miss Frugal knows her way round a computer better than I do.

From an early age, both my children have been given access to computers and the internet (obviously while sitting with me) and we’ve gradually progressed from sites like CBeebies to their current favourites, Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin.

We use a lot of educational sites that . . . → Read More: More growing up decisions to make….

The Gallery – Hands….

I was torn this week between a picture I took ages ago and one that I took last week when we were on holiday – so I decided on a two for one special today

This is the one I took last week – I ordered waffles and strawberries for breakfast and naturally, like any blogger . . . → Read More: The Gallery – Hands….

Get Organised – The New Improved Me….

I need to get myself organised.

Everything’s been really hectic in the last few months (in a good way) and it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of who should be where and when.  The house is in a bit of a state as I never seem to have time to do everything that I need . . . → Read More: Get Organised – The New Improved Me….