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Stock up on stamps to beat the price increase….

Don’t forget that the cost of stamps will be increasing on the 30th April so if you want to stock up, you’ve only got a few weeks left. Depending on how many you want to buy before the price increase, you may have to shop around as the Royal Mail are limiting the number that retailers can buy to prevent them from selling them on after the prices have increased and making extra profit.

According to the BBC’s website, this year’s price increase of 30% price rise to the cost of a first-class stamps and 39% rise for second-class, marks the biggest annual increase in percentage terms since 1975.

10 years ago, a first-class stamp cost just 27p and a second-class stamp cost only 19p.

Although, I can see how the price increases could have potentially serious repercussions for small businesses who use mail as their primary method of communicating with their customers, I can understand the need for the large price increases.

I was talking about this with Miss Frugal the other day as she asked me how the letter gets from the postbox to it’s destination and I tried to explain it’s journey (as I see it anyway):

  1. The letter is posted.
  2. The letter is then collected by a postman who takes it to the local sorting office, who sort it into areas.
  3. It’s then transported to the relevant area and transferred to another sorting office.
  4. The letter is sorted again into more specific delivery areas.
  5. The letter is sorted into some sort of delivery order.
  6. The letter is passed to the postman who will deliver it to you, usually just 1 day later if it’s first class, whatever the weather.
To me, all that’s not too bad for 60p.  Obviously, it would be great if it was cheaper but for what we do pay, I think that we get a good value service from Royal Mail, even though we often have a good moan about them.  What do you think?

Added: Don’t forget to allow for the increase to postage in any listings you have on sites like eBay that are due to end after or just before 30th April.


6 comments to Stock up on stamps to beat the price increase….

  • It's also quite a blow for many people who run ecommerce sites or eBay businesses from home – stamp price hikes can really eat into your (already small) profits. If you sell high enough volumes of small objects it might be worth looking into a cheap franking machine:

    • Now that is an area I will feel the increase in – I hate having to charge higher postage charges on eBay. I'm sure it puts people off bidding a lot of the time as the postage costs turn items from being a bargain to being comparable or more than you would pay if you bought it from a shop in a lot of cases.

  • Jen

    I understand to a degree the increase, but feel it's going to be yet another significant slap for those that are at the rougher end of the stick. I find it quite sad that something as traditional and reliable as Royal Mail has been effected in this way.

  • I actually agree with you. 60p isn't bad for all that goes on behind the scenes when posting a letter. Although we'll really feel this when posting things like Christmas cards or wedding invitations I don't think it'll really feel too bad an increase for the odd birthday card or letter especially considering how much cards cost these days!

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