Give up clothes for good….

It’s OK, I’m not going to get naked or anything but I am going to be taking some of my old clothes to TK Maxx to join in their Give up Clothes for Good campaign to help raise money for research into beating childhood cancers.

All you need to do to join in is take along some of your unwanted clothes to a TK Maxx store during April and they will arrange for the clothes to be sorted and distributed among Cancer Research UK charity shops where they will be sold and the money they raise will be used to help fund essential research into beating childhood cancers.  I lost my Mam and my brother to cancer and I can’t imagine how much worse it would feel to lose a child to a disease like this.

I have had a big sort out of mine and the children’s clothes and have a big black sack of things to take along but I’m going to use this campaign to get rid of some of the clothes I have in the garage that belonged to my brother, Alan.  My Mam went through a lot of his clothes when he died and most went to a charity shop then but she kept all the clothes that meant a lot to him – mostly his Boro football shirts as he was a mad supporter and hated having to give up his season ticket when he got too ill to go to the matches.  When my mam died and my dad moved to a smaller house, I took the bag filled with Alan’s clothes and every now and again, I have a little look through it and remember.

Me and Alan. I think I was about 10 here.

I think Alan would want me to donate his clothes to make some money for Cancer Research.   He was determined to do what he could to help other Cancer sufferers and when he beat Cancer the first time, he began training to be a nurse and was doing really well until he found out that it was back and much more aggressive.  The week after he died, the postman brought us an envelope with his exam results in and we were so proud to see that he had done exceptionally well.  He would have gone on to help so many people.

I published a piece of writing by Alan here a while ago and I still can’t read it without crying but I’d love it if you read it and felt inspired to join in with the campaign.

I am convinced that there is something we can do to beat Cancer – we just have to find it.

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  1. says

    I don't know Alan of course but I'm pretty sure he'd be in favour of trading his clothes for money to cancer research. Great cause!

  2. jomiddleton says

    I could quite fancy giving up buying clothescompletely you know. My partner is always on at me to buy more – he thinks I'm a bit of a tramp – so it would be good to have an actual Thing to shut him up with.

  3. says

    I joined in with this too. I pray and sincerely believe that we will beat this dreadful disease one day – I hope that my lovley children will never have to go through what we are all dealing with now.

  4. saveeverystep says

    Oh God, such a fabulous photo memory, especially in such a vibrant and happy pose. Such a terrible disease. I lost my Mum 6 years ago this month, and my Dad (finally) gave me some of her clothes to 'do with them as you feel best'. I know I will never wear them. God, they even still smell of her….. and they were, in my mind destined for a charity somewhere. And yet, there they sit, in my wardrobe still, with me unable to make the move. She would laugh her head off at my sentimentality. In time. In time.

    • says

      I have a scarf of my mam's like that – it's the scruffiest scarf ever but I love it. I can't wash it though because it still seems to smell of her although after all this time, that's probably more in my head. When you're ready, you'll know x

  5. says

    So sorry to hear that you have lost such close family members to that nasty disease. I think it's a great campaign. Anything to help research cures/causes can help so many people. x


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