Family Friendly Frugal Meals – Turkey Meatballs….


Sunday - Turkey meatballs with spaghetti. Monday - Macaroni Cheese Tuesday - Quick tea for the kids as I'm off out I think so they'll be having Fishfingers, chips and minty mushy peas. Wednesday - Homemade chilli with sweet potato wedges. Thursday - Spicy sausage and bean casserole. Friday - Picnic party tea I think as the kids were gutted that they were too poorly to go to Maxi's birthday bowling night. This weeks family friendly frugal meal is turkey meatballs with tomato sauce and pasta.  Turkey doesn't usually feature on our menu plans as it's something I always think … [Read more...]

Convenience gone mad….


I couldn't help but laugh when I went to Tesco tonight and saw their new 'Easy Home Bake' range.  The range consists of ready mixed ingredients for chocolate brownies, Victoria sponge cake and gingerbread among other things. They're like packet mixes for posh people! The Victoria sponge mix costs £3.50 which seems like a massive amount to me for a bit of flour, sugar and butter and a couple of eggs.  Miss Frugal can whip up a Victoria sponge on her own and from memory in no time at all and it must cost less than a pound to make! I'm guessing that there is a market for these … [Read more...]

Top ten things to do before you’re ten….


As soon as the sun is shining my children want to be outside - whether it's playing out with their friends, riding their bikes or scooters up and down the street or doing something as a family.  I think it's really important to encourage this as it's not only good for them to be playing outside in the fresh air, it encourages their independence, keeps them active and provides me with some much needed peace and quiet! Apparently not all families feel the same though according to new research from Persil Small and Mighty. Among other things, their research found that only 14% of children under … [Read more...]

Have some cake….

lots of cake

It's my Birthday today so I thought we could share some virtual cake (I'm not sharing the champagne in the fridge though) ;-) It's not a great birthday as they go as I have a husband upstairs ill in bed and two slightly grouchy children who are on the mend after a week where one or both of them have been ill for most of it.  But, I do have a nice new handbag, some gorgeous new cushions and this lovely card to help cheer me up so I guess it's not all bad.... … [Read more...]