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I love how there are so many people blogging their meal plans this week – I’ll be going round them all with a pen and paper for some new ideas when I get the chance but for now, here’s our first frugal meal plan of the year.

Monday – Quick quesadillas

Tuesday – Ham and chicken oven baked risotto for the grown ups / Sausages and Yorkshire puddings with gravy for the kids.

Wednesday – Cod fillets in Batter (because we liked last weeks so much) with chips, mushy peas and bread and butter.

Thursday – Fish pie as we never got the time to make it last week.

Friday – Mince and dumplings with mash.  I’ll use any leftovers to make mini cottage pies for the freezer.

Saturday – Tuna pasta bake with warm crusty rolls.

Quick Quesadillas

You know how you never expect to be given a kitchen appliance for Christmas from your husband…. Well I got one, Mr Frugal bought me a quesadilla maker.  Mostly because he loves quesadillas and he got fed up of my attempts at getting them out of the pan in one piece I suspect!

Mr Frugal likes his quesadillas hot and spicy which pretty much rules them out of the kids menu so I’ve been experimenting a little bit to try and make a child friendly version and I managed one tonight that was still spicy enough to be interesting but not too spicy that they wouldn’t eat so I thought I’d share it with you ….

I used some of the leftover ham from a ham joint I cooked over the weekend, sprinkled over some grated cheese and spooned on some value salsa dip sandwiched between two tortilla wraps and cooked it in my snazzy little machine until it was slightly toasted.  You could use left over chicken up this way as well and add some veggies like sweetcorn and sliced peppers as well if you have them in – it’s a good way to use up whatever you have in the fridge at the end of the week.

If your husband didn’t buy you a quesadilla maker for Christmas then you can just use a frying pan like most people would ;-)

You can get more meal plan inspiration from Mrs M and her meal planning linky….

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