Family Friendly Frugal Meals – Homemade Burgers….


I never bothered with a meal plan last week as I was feeling a bit bleugh (if that's even a word), and as a result, without even looking at the receipts from last week's food shopping I can tell you that we went way over our weekly budget. As we didn't have a meal plan to stick to, we bought random things when we did our main shop and then got home and realised that the things we'd bought didn't really make up a weeks worth of meals.  This meant that through the week we ended up making two extra trips to the shop for extra bits, both times buying more than what we went for.  So this week, … [Read more...]

See how much you can save….


I know I'm always telling you about ways to save on your gas and electricity but today I wanted to share with you this: It's my latest energy bill, showing that I'm £858.07 in credit! How fantastic is that? We've tried really hard to reduce our energy usage around the house using all of the tips that I regularly share with you on here but as well as the energy we've saved by reducing our consumption, we've also saved by switching to a different provider. I think a lot of people don't realise how easy it is to switch providers. Everything stays exactly the same other than the company … [Read more...]

The End of an Era….

gorgeous grown up girl

This morning was the morning that I realised that my little girl isn't really a little girl anymore! She's nine now and I know I'm probably a little biased but she seems so much more grown up than a lot of her friends at school, even so, I was surprised when she asked me this morning if we could take all of her Princess posters down from her bedroom walls as she was too old for them now. I wasn't too surprised when she showed me what she wanted to put up in place of the Princess posters because she's getting more into music and celebrities lately but I think her Dad might have a … [Read more...]