Happy Halloween – Part Two….

Picture 218

I know I said Happy Halloween this morning with our Frugal Freaks but I just wanted to show you how cute the kids looked tonight for the Halloween party they were going to.... Miss Frugal as a Zombie Bride Master Frugal as a Stormtrooper Thanks to Fancy Dress Outfitters for sending the costumes to us ;-)  They were good quality, lovely and different to everyone elses costumes at the party. … [Read more...]

Remember When….


  Dear Children Do not read until you are all growed up  ;-) Remember when you were little and I took you swimming? Well I think you're old enough now to know my secret I really hate swimming more than anything in the world. But I took you anyway because you loved to swim and get wet. Remember when you were little and I sometime picked up spiders? I want to tell you something about that too. I might have looked calm but inside I was really screaming. You wouldn't want to be as scared as me, would you? Remember when you were little and I ate carrots? Well I may have told you … [Read more...]

Half Term at the National Railway Museum in York….

If you're looking for a day out this half term, I can strongly recommend the National Railway Museum in York.  We went on Sunday and had a fantastic day. The theme for this week is Big Fun with Little Trains and there's loads going on.  We had a go on the indoor pedal trains, the crafts table, the minature railway, the simulator ride and had a ride on the steam engine.  We also took the road train into York city centre and spent at least 40 minutes trying to build a Meccano aeroplane that did not turn out like we wanted it to, no matter how much the lovely man tried to help us … [Read more...]

How to have a Frugal Christmas – Snowman Soup….

snowman soup 1

The first of my 'How to have a Frugal Christmas' series of posts was all about deciding who you were buying for, setting a budget and finding great deals for your gifts but not all Christmas presents have to be bought, in fact, some of the best presents can be homemade.  My issue with homemade presents is that I like them to look good and not look to homemade if you see what I mean.  That's why I love making Snowman Soup with the kids, because it's so easy and usually the finished products looks good enough to not look too homemadey!  Because I'm such a lovely blogger, I thought I'd share my … [Read more...]