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Family Friendly Frugal Meals – Rice Pudding….

You know how I’ve said before that you should tailor your meal plan to what you have in your cupboards and any bargains that you find when you go shopping?  Well this week’s meal plan is the perfect example of that.  I went shopping armed with my meal plan shopping list, found lots of . . . → Read More: Family Friendly Frugal Meals – Rice Pudding….

Packed Lunch Ideas….

When Miss Frugal started ‘big’ school she didn’t want to take a packed lunch as most of her friends were going to be on school dinners and the people on packed lunches have to sit on separate tables (what’s that all about?) so we gave in and paid the £1.85 a day for her . . . → Read More: Packed Lunch Ideas….


Why is it that the only way I can stop the kids from shouting at each other today is by shouting at them?

Why is it that when I tell them off for randomly stopping in the supermarket in case they get hit by a trolley, some grumpy old man catapults . . . → Read More: Ironic….

Scandal at the Boot Sale….

I love having a wander around the car boot sale on a Sunday afternoon but yesterday I was quite shocked by something that I saw, perhaps naively so.   I was stood at a stall with Miss Frugal when someone pointed out to the stallholder that a lady was filling a carrier bag with items off the bonnet of . . . → Read More: Scandal at the Boot Sale….