The Princess and the Kind Good Witch….

This is a true story that may or may not have happened to me at work today ;-) The Princess and the Kind Good Witch Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess.  One day the a kind good witch came across the princess as she was getting out of a lift at work and noticed that she'd been crying.  'It's OK' said the kind good witch 'we all have days like that'.  She gave the princesses arm a squeeze and carried on about her duties. Later on in the day, the princess had forgotton all about the incident when the kind good witch visited her with a lovely cup of tea. 'I thought you could do … [Read more...]

Get wise to ways to save energy and money….

energy meter

 Image courtesy of Theophilus Photography Households across the length and breadth of the UK continue to feel the economic pinch and the pressure is on many families and individuals to cut costs whereve r possible. One way to start making savings is to reduce the amount of energy being used around the home and to lower the price of it. This is where using gas and electricity comparison sites like moneysupermarket will ensure you get the best deals. The chances are that you’ve probably been with the same energy supplier for some time now, but being loyal to a particular company for a long … [Read more...]

Magpie Monday – The School Holiday Edition….


For the last few months I've been keeping an eye out for things to help me keep the kids occupied during the Summer holidays and I've managed to build up a nice little collection of things that I'm hoping will keep them quiet.... For a while anyway ;-)   A Go-Kart for £2.50 Rollerblades for Miss Frugal for £1.50.  I also bought a training pair for Master Frugal for £1.00 A big basket of Bratz dolls clothes for £1.00 - It's a bigger basket than it looks in the photo and has about 100 items in it.  I asked the price and when the lady said it was just a pound, I hesitated as I thought … [Read more...]