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Am I one of those mothers….

We’re at the age now where Miss Frugal would rather be out playing with her friends than spending time in the house with us – we’re boring apparently!  The only problem is that all of her friends live in the street behind ours and although it’s actually much safer for her to play there as it’s a . . . → Read More: Am I one of those mothers….

What you can’t buy on Ebay….

I’ve just had one of those moments, you know the ones where you just want the floor to open up and swallow you up! 

Picture the scene, we’ve just bumped into one of my work colleagues in Morrisons, I’m looking like you do after the end of a long day and she’s looking as glamorous . . . → Read More: What you can’t buy on Ebay….

The Karaoke Song Meme….

I am not blessed with a good singing voice although I love to sing, especially when I’m on my own in the car when I can turn the music right up.  I have a few favourites that I love to sing along to, so when Jen tagged me in the Karaoke meme, I knew . . . → Read More: The Karaoke Song Meme….

Silent Sunday – 19 June 2011….



. . . → Read More: Silent Sunday – 19 June 2011….