When a Day Out Goes Wrong….

This weekend's news that three children have had to be taken to hospital after a bouncy castle broke free of it's moorings in Whitby has started me thinking about how safe it is to let our kids go on these types of rides.  It's not the first time that something like this has happened recently and although I don't think that the children involved have not been seriously injured, it's quite scary to think about what could have been. Like most parents, when we go out for the day we often let our two go on bouncy castles and rides.  Although we try to make sure that the ride itself … [Read more...]

Family Friendly Frugal Meals – Roasted Chicken and Vegetables….

family frugal meals

This week we're following the Sainsbury's 'Feed your Family for £50.00 challenge' which is a bit of a test for me as I usually like to stick to my old faithful recipes.   You can find all of the recipes on the Sainsbury's website along with loads of others. Monday - Lunch: Pate, tomato and cucumber sandwiches.  Dinner: Chicken and roasted vegetables with rice (recipe below) Tuesday - Lunch: Ham, tomato and cream cheese sandwiches.  Dinner: Spaghetti Carbonara Wednesday - Lunch: Carrot, cottage cheese and rocket pittas.  Dinner: Sausage, tomato and cannelini pot with mash Thursday - … [Read more...]

What do you do on a night….


I have an odd question for you.... What do you do on a night, after the kids have gone to bed? Mr Frugal is a bit of a computer geek which means that four or five nights a week, as soon as the kids have gone to bed, he'll turn on his computer and that'll be the last I see of him until about ten o clock time.  We have one night a week where we snuggle on the settee and catch up on TV and one date night a week where laptops, mobiles, TV and children are banned. We used to get a babysitter and go out on date night but now that we're watching the pennies a bit more, we just put the kids … [Read more...]