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How do you deal with Attitude….

I know it’s not ideal to get parenting tips from Harry Enfield but when I think about my children growing up, I always picture Kevin from that Harry Enfield sketch – you know the one where he goes to bed on the eve of his thirteenth birthday as a sweet, loving twelve year old and gets . . . → Read More: How do you deal with Attitude….

Possibly the worst hairstyle you’ll ever see….

I posted this a few months ago originally but seeing as it’s my worst ever fashion disaster, I decided to repost it to enter in to the April Tots 100 Blog Hop.  Afer all, you couldn’t possibly get more of a disaster than that hair could you?

Miss Frugal has just discovered that our new printer has . . . → Read More: Possibly the worst hairstyle you’ll ever see….

How to Spend a Bank Holiday Monday….

Despite having the last week off work, as of this morning I hadn’t done the majority of things on my week off ‘to do list’ (Yes, I really did write one ;-))  As I’m back at work tomorrow, that left me today to do it all….

Top of my list was to sort out more . . . → Read More: How to Spend a Bank Holiday Monday….

An Explosive Get Crafty….


When I saw that the theme for the latest Get Crafty was water based crafts, I immediately thought of this.  Even though it doesn’t use water and it isn’t even really a craft,  it is lots of fun so I’m going to pretend it is a water craft anyway

The Fun Bit….

All you need to . . . → Read More: An Explosive Get Crafty….