How do you deal with Attitude….


I know it's not ideal to get parenting tips from Harry Enfield but when I think about my children growing up, I always picture Kevin from that Harry Enfield sketch - you know the one where he goes to bed on the eve of his thirteenth birthday as a sweet, loving twelve year old and gets up the following morning as a moody, hormonal teenager. Unfortunately, Miss Frugal has decided to ignore the Harry Enfield book of parenting and has started her teenage moods early which I'm finding extremely challenging at the moment.  To be fair the moods are few and far between but we've had a couple in the … [Read more...]

Possibly the worst hairstyle you’ll ever see….


I posted this a few months ago originally but seeing as it's my worst ever fashion disaster, I decided to repost it to enter in to the April Tots 100 Blog Hop.  Afer all, you couldn't possibly get more of a disaster than that hair could you? Miss Frugal has just discovered that our new printer has a built in scanner so you can imagine what we've been doing tonight.  Yep - the house and everything in it has been now been scanned to within an inch of its life!  After about half an hour of scanning random drawings and magazines I decided to brave the garage (filled with boxes and spiders) … [Read more...]

How to Spend a Bank Holiday Monday….


Despite having the last week off work, as of this morning I hadn't done the majority of things on my week off 'to do list' (Yes, I really did write one ;-))  As I'm back at work tomorrow, that left me today to do it all.... Top of my list was to sort out more storage for Master Frugal's room as he has the smallest room in the house with enough toys and books in there to fill five rooms.  Ages ago I'd bought some colourful storage crates and some shelves to put them on but I hadn't got around to building them as I couldn't face the mammoth task of sorting the toys out when they were built and … [Read more...]

An Explosive Get Crafty….


  When I saw that the theme for the latest Get Crafty was water based crafts, I immediately thought of this.  Even though it doesn't use water and it isn't even really a craft,  it is lots of fun so I'm going to pretend it is a water craft anyway ;-) The Fun Bit.... All you need to make an explosion like ours is a large bottle of Diet Coke (you can use other fizzy pop, but Diet Coke has the best results) and a packet of mint flavoured Mentos. Place the opened bottle of Diet Coke on a flat surface outside away from anything you don't want to get wet. Make sure all little people are … [Read more...]