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F is for….

Innocent have invited 26 bloggers to take part in their Alphabet Challenge game, each blogger has been given a letter of the alphabet and over the next few weeks we’ll all be posting photo’s representing our letters.  I have been pronounced Queen of F (although Mr Frugal refuses to acknowledge my new royal status!) so here’s . . . → Read More: F is for….

Silent Sunday – 27 March 2011

. . . → Read More: Silent Sunday – 27 March 2011


Is the world going mad? 

Our school have decided that they will no longer use the school bell as it is too intrusive and noisy. 

So not only do the children get let out on an afternoon anywhere between 2.55 and 3.05 depending on the teachers watch, I now have no idea how late I am . . . → Read More: Madness….

Magic Mince….

When I first started meal planning, I found it a bit daunting – the idea of cooking something from scratch every night was a bit much for me and I was sure my limited recipe repertoire would meant we’d be eating macaroni cheese at least 5 nights a week.  But then I discovered the magic of making . . . → Read More: Magic Mince….