How to find Bargains on Ebay….

next bookcase

I've found some lovely bargains this week so I thought I'd join in with the brilliant Magpie Monday and share them with you and while I'm here, I'll share my secret to finding bargains on Ebay. First, the bargains: I love this bookcase, ever since we moved in to this house I've been looking for a bookcase that would fit in the gap on our landing so the kids could put their shared books, DVD's and games on.  I've finally managed to find this lovely bookcase for a bargain £8.00 on Ebay.  The cut out hearts on the bottom shelf are repeated on the other shelves and down the side too.  The … [Read more...]

Dear Children….

When I read that the Friday Club prompt for this week was to share five things I want my children to know about me, I thought I might give this one a miss because I really couldn't think of five things that they don't already know.  Then, a post I read over at Typecast about making memories for our children made me think about what my first memory was which made me realise that my memories aren't written down anywhere.   My children and their children will be able to look back at my blog and remember lots of the fun and special moments we had together but I can't do that, I just have whats … [Read more...]