Get Crafty – Love Bugs….

I love this time of year, I think it’s because there’s hearts, flowers and cute teddies everywhere you look and even people who don’t usually have a romantic bone in their body (Yes, I’m talking about you Mr Frugal) make an effort to show how much they love you (hint, hint). 

In anticipation of the fantastic treats I’m going to get this year, I thought I should make something for the kids to give to Mr Frugal on Valentines day, he’s not usually a hearts and flowers kind of guy so we thought we’d make some pom pom Love Bugs and they actually turned out quite well so here you go, step by step instructions to make your own Love Bug….

Pom Pom Love Bugs


  1. Start with two circles of card like the ones Master Frugal is modelling above.
  2. Place the rings together and wind the your chosen wool around the rings. I cut the wool into lengths of about two metres to make it easier for the kids to do without getting themself in a tangle.  Keep wrapping until you have something resembling picture 2, although you can keep going if you want, the more wool you use, the fluffier your pom pom will be.
  3. Next, you need to cut the wool around the edges which is the hardest bit of making a pom pom and involves a bit of a struggle with the scissors so I wouldn’t let the kids anywhere near this step.
  4. Tie a length of wool around the middle of your almost pom pom as tightlu as possible and then you can remove the card circles.
  5. Fluff your pom pom up and trim any longer lengths of wool and there you have it – a fluffy pom pom 😉

We made a red and black version pom pom and added eyes, a smiley mouth and some feet and ended up with Larry the Lovebug….

How cute is he?  Perfect as a Valentines day present for Mr Frugal.

The kids are in the middle of making Larry a home out of a shoe box but judging by their elaborate plans, it could be a while before it’s ready for hm to move into.  You never know though, it might be ready in time for the next Get Crafty 😉

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  1. Red Ted Art says

    Ooh what a cute little bug! I love him and love it when you make Valentines Crafts that are not Hearts for a change (though do like hearts too ..). Very cute.

    Can't wait for my two to be that wee bit older for pom pom making!