Ginger Pants….


So yesterday I was traumatised by the S word and today I'm mortified because Master Frugal decided to show everyone his underpants in the playground after school this afternoon! The reason for this sudden display of underwear?  He couldn't wait another minute to show me that his pants matched his hair ;-) … [Read more...]

I know how babies are made….


Master Frugal: I know how babies are made mam. Me: Do you? Master Frugal: Yes, the Daddy falls in love with Mammy when they go to bed and then he puts a baby in her tummy. Me (breathing a sign of relief that the S word wasn't mentioned):  Aaaw Miss Frugal (from the next room): Yeah but they've got to have sex first though you know! … [Read more...]

Get Crafty – Love Bugs….

Picture 4633

I love this time of year, I think it's because there's hearts, flowers and cute teddies everywhere you look and even people who don't usually have a romantic bone in their body (Yes, I'm talking about you Mr Frugal) make an effort to show how much they love you (hint, hint).  In anticipation of the fantastic treats I'm going to get this year, I thought I should make something for the kids to give to Mr Frugal on Valentines day, he's not usually a hearts and flowers kind of guy so we thought we'd make some pom pom Love Bugs and they actually turned out quite well so here you go, step by step … [Read more...]