Get Crafty – Recycled Sweet Wrappers

Let’s face it, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without at least one tub of Quality Street or Roses would it?

This Christmas we’ve been saving all of our wrappers in preparation for Get Crafty, much to Mr Frugal’s annoyance as one of his pet hates is people eating the sweets and putting the wrappers back in the tin šŸ˜‰

We were going to make stained glass windows for the kids bedrooms but a last minute change of plan meant that we decided to make stained glass bookmarks instead as Miss Frugal decided she wasĀ desperateĀ for a bookmark for the book she’s reading now – George’sĀ MarvelousĀ Medicine.

So, to make your stained glass window bookmark, cut a piece of card twice the width you want you bookmark to be and fold it in half.

I cut out a square from some card and let Miss Frugal draw round it on one side of the bookmark – you can be as ambitious as you like here but you have to cut the shapes out so the simpler the better in my opinion.

Once you’ve cut your shapes out of one side, fold it over and use the cut out shapes as templates for the other side and cut them out too.

Next you need to sellotape a sweet wrapper over each of the holes on one side of the bookmark.

Then glue both sides together and there you have it – a stained glass bookmark.

Trust me, it looks way more impressive in real life!

You could easily make some lovely stained glass windows or suncatchers using the same methodsĀ and there’s a brilliant tutorial over hereĀ Ā by Liz.

For more Get Crafty ideas, pop over to RedTedArt’s blog – see you there….

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    This is a really cute idea. I bet you could do it with left over tissue paper from the holidays as well. I let my kids make a play house with my mac computer box after it got it back from macbook repair Chicago. They had a blast and these windows would have made it even cooler. Thanks.

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    Hey great post. I found your site on bing aimlessly. Not necessarily usually the type of website Someone said however im definately pleased I came across that. Exactly where do you come up with the idea with this post?

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    We only ever buy Celebrations as I don’t like QS so wouldn’t work quite as well, but love the idea, and Geeky Daughter would love that, I guess Geeky Hubby would probably eat them.

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    I can't believe I haven't seen a tin of Roses or Quality Street all Christmas…something is very wrong. (Like your bookmarks though!)