A Spot of Shopping and a Funny Conversation….


This is possibly the funniest conversation I've ever had.... Master Frugal: Is God's real name Wayne? Me: No, I don't think so darling.  Why would you think that? Master Frugal: Because there's a Wayne in the manger so I just thought that was his name! Priceless!   When you've stopped laughing, I want to tell you that the lovely people at Next have launched a briliant bloggers 12 days of Christmas campaign which incorporates some beautiful images they've designed.  I love Christmas shopping at Next, we give all the woman in our family presents from there.  This is what I'll … [Read more...]

Desperate times call for desperate measures….

Picture 4237

It's being snowing all day and I'm slowly going mad....  So far we've made our own little story books, we've watched the Christmas film Elf, we've watched way too many episodes of Phineas and Ferb, played on the X Box, baked a multi coloured cake and had a family snowball fight.  Just when I thought I had nothing else left to keep the kids entertained, I found a packet of maltesers.... Now I know you're all dying to know how you can entertain your children for over an hour with just a packet of Maltesers so without further ado, I'd like to welcome to the Frugal Family Maltesers … [Read more...]

An Alien Afternoon….


The theme for this week's Friday Club is encouraging learning at home which is something that I'm really interested in at the moment.  I thought this would be the ideal opportunity to share one of my old posts with you about the sorts of activities we do to bring our favourite books to life.  We've done this with quite a few books lately but our favourite is still Aliens Love Underpants because it's such a funny book and there's so many activities you can do that you can link to the book.  So without further ado, I present you, An Alien Afternoon - the repeat ;-) One of our favourite books … [Read more...]

The Gallery – Not Black and White….

Picture 595

I wanted to try and do something different for this weeks Gallery but as usual I left it too late to do anything impressive or clever.  After a quick play on Picassa trying to black and whitify (I know, not a word) some of my favourite pictures I gave up and went to ask Mr Frugal for his thoughts on what I could take a photo of that would represent the theme of black and white.  His response was that he didn't care what I did as long as it didn't involve Newcastle United!  As a Boro fan he is obliged to hate anything to do with Newcastle United - it's the law apparently ;-)  So in honour … [Read more...]