Happy Halloween….

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  Happy Halloween to all my lovely bloggy friends.  I hope you all had as much fun as we've had ;-)    We've had such a good day and now have enough chocolate to last us until next Halloween. Thanks to the lovely people at Tescos for sending us our costumes - the kids loved them and have had them on all day today. Next, we've got Bonfire Night and then we're on the run-up to Christmas - AAAAGH   … [Read more...]

Are you still talking….

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I've just had to tell Master Frugal off when he had a bit of a mood because he couldn't watch Ben 10 before bed.  I tried to rationally explain to him that it was bedtime and if he didn't get some sleep he would be tired tomorrow.  I told him that he didn't want to be tired and moody in the morning as he's going swimming with his grandad. Do you know what he said? Are you still talking mum because all I can hear is rar rar rar? Needless to say, his Daddy is in a LOT of trouble when he comes in from work as he said that to me this morning when I was leaving him a nice list of jobs for … [Read more...]

Ghostly Treats….

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When I saw that English Mum was having a Kids Halloween Bakeoff as part of her Great Big Autumn Bakeoff, I mobilised the kids and we got cooking (this was way easier said than done as they were engrossed in a film at the time!).  Miss Frugal pored over her recipe books (she takes after me with this fetish) and dicovered that the only thing we actually had all of the ingredients in for was Halloween Ghosts, so I proudly present to you, our entry for to the kids Halloween Bakeoff.... Halloween Ghosts 4 large egg whites 115g sugar 115g icing sugar First things first, you need to separate … [Read more...]

Halloween Story Cards….

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  We've made a set of story cards before (here) and we still play with them every now and again so I thought we could make a Halloween set of cards so we could tell some spooky Halloween stories this week. Last time we made our story cards using a mix of some cut up birthday cards and some rather pathetic looking drawings but today I thought we could do some colouring as well so I printed out some Halloween colouring pictures from here.  (All you need to do is select Halloween, the number of cards you want and select the black and white version so you can colour them in yourselves.) We … [Read more...]