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Happy Halloween….


Happy Halloween to all my lovely bloggy friends.  I hope you all had as much fun as we’ve had


 We’ve had such a good day and now have enough chocolate to last us until next Halloween.

Thanks . . . → Read More: Happy Halloween….

Are you still talking….

I’ve just had to tell Master Frugal off when he had a bit of a mood because he couldn’t watch Ben 10 before bed.  I tried to rationally explain to him that it was bedtime and if he didn’t get some sleep he would be tired tomorrow.  I told him that he didn’t want to be tired . . . → Read More: Are you still talking….

Ghostly Treats….

When I saw that English Mum was having a Kids Halloween Bakeoff as part of her Great Big Autumn Bakeoff, I mobilised the kids and we got cooking (this was way easier said than done as they were engrossed in a film at the time!). 

Miss Frugal pored over her recipe books (she takes after . . . → Read More: Ghostly Treats….

Halloween Story Cards….


We’ve made a set of story cards before (here) and we still play with them every now and again so I thought we could make a Halloween set of cards so we could tell some spooky Halloween stories this week.

Last time we made our story cards using a mix of some cut up birthday cards and . . . → Read More: Halloween Story Cards….