Saturday Nights….

I love Saturday nights….

It’s my favourite night of the week – laptops, mobiles and computers are banned (although I do keep an eye on Twitter through X Factor as some of the comments are hilarious!) and from about five ish, we settle down for some ‘quality family time’, which usually involves an XBox 360 Bomberman tournament, a few board games and obviously the obligatory Saturday night X Factor fest.

Movie Night with popcorn 😉

After the kids go to bed we usually snuggle up with a takeaway and watch a film.  I usually always have a nice bottle of vino chilling in the fridge as I have a bit of a taste for white wine at the moment.

I’ve come a long way in the wine drinking department since my younger days when I used to drink a certain fizzy white wine with a bad reputation.  I remember one night a friend and I decided to try Rose wine so we mixed our fizzy white with a bottle of cheap red wine….

Just for the record, fizzy white wine and cheap red wine does not make Rose.

I might sound like a bit of an alcoholic but I’m not really, I’m actually a really sensible drinker I tend to stop drinking just before the point of no return, before I get to the stage where I just want to drink everything in sight.  Actually, I think I must be getting old because it gets to about ten ‘o’ clock and I just want to be home snuggled up with my family and my mug of hot chocolate – is it just me?

I’ve always loved Saturday nights, but now it’s got nothing to do with going out and drinking with my friends, it’s because I get to spend time with my gorgeous family.

Now, where’s that bottle of wine 😉

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  1. says

    Those sound just like our Saturday nights!
    One things that always shocks me a bit is the start of X factor cause it end just before Christmas, makes me realise just how close we are to the end of the year!

  2. says

    Yep I hear you loud and clear. I am also a big fan of Saturdays and for the exact same reasons. Nothing replaces quality family time and Saturday are best spent together doing fun stuff.