Do you love anyone enough….


.... to give them your last Rolo? Mr Frugal's just come in from work and presented me with his last Rolo.  How sweet is that?  However, the fact that he's had it in his pocket since his lunch break does put me off eating it - I think prefer the silver Loveheart he bought me for Christmas. … [Read more...]

The Gallery – Food


The theme for this week's Gallery is right up my street and even allows for a shameless plug of the new Frugalicious Food website that myself and Jen from TheMadhouse have set up.  We've both got loads of delicious, frugal food recipes and ideas to share with you so we decided to set up the new website. We'd love it if you had chance to pop over and follow us, you can even follow us on Twitter - @frugalicious_     ;-) Now, back to the photos....   For starters, we have our adult rated Gingerbread Men Our main course is diet busting Chocolate Brownie  And for desert, our party version … [Read more...]

Why I blog….

Picture 011

After reading an interesting discussion over on Blogger.Ed that started out about how competitive bloggers were and turned into people sharing the reasons why they blogged, I decided to share with you the reason why I blog I've said before that the reason I blog is to record my children's childhood for them (and for me) and that one day, I hope to print the whole thing out and give a copy to each of them.  Before I blogged I made memory booksfor them and I do update them from time to time aswell but my main record is this blog. I became slightly obsessed with keeping a record of … [Read more...]

The morning after the night before….

Picture 392204

If anyone was wondering how my night out last night went, you don't need to wonder anymore,  I can tell you in two words - IT DIDN'T. I was so organised that I suprised even myself.  I apologised in advance for the behaviour I was sure to exhibit after a few bottles glasses of wine, arranged a baby sitter as Mr Frugal was at work, bought a nice new top and some nice spangly nail polish and located my dancing shoes ;-)  I even managed a nice relaxing soak in the bath while the kids were at their after school sports club and was really looking forward to the evenings festivities. I arrived at … [Read more...]