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Do you have a favourite child….

I just read an interesting article on Parentdish about having a favourite child and it made me ask myself if I have a favourite.  My two are so completely different that sometimes I wonder that they’re actually related!

Miss Frugal is the eldest, she’s 8 in a couple of weeks although you may well mistake her for . . . → Read More: Do you have a favourite child….

Homemade Nutella Cookies….

When I found out that the lovely Notsosinglemum was holding a Nutella Carnival I realised I had two choices.  I could make the Slimming World version of Ferrero Rocher that she so kindly e mailed me about or should I go wild and make  the homemade Nutella cookies recipe that I’ve been dying to . . . → Read More: Homemade Nutella Cookies….

Easy Homemade Shortbread Recipe….

Note to self: Don’t play Guitar Hero while shortbread is cooking!

We love a nice easy recipe here in the Frugal house so when I came across a super easy looking recipe for home made shortbread that uses just 3 ingredients I knew it sounded like one for us….

They turned out yummy, although I was playing Lego . . . → Read More: Easy Homemade Shortbread Recipe….

Interesting Conversations….

Amazing Talents….

Miss Frugal: Mam, I can do something super special.

Me: Can you Darling, that’s nice *turns back to watching the lovely Dermot O Leary on the X Factor*

Miss Frugal: Maaaaam, Shall I show you?

Me: If you must *waits to witness this amazing new talent*

Miss Frugal: I can lick my armpit!



A Geography Lesson….

Master Frugal: . . . → Read More: Interesting Conversations….

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