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Baking on the Edge….

English Mum is hosting a Bake Off and all month I’ve been meaning to bake something spectacular that would wow everyone with my Domestic Goddess-like skills.  I was going to make my yummy, moist carrot cake or some lovely rich chocolate brownies that would guarentee to having you bowing to my superior kitchen prowess.

However, the reality is that I left it till the last . . . → Read More: Baking on the Edge….

This weeks Frugal Meal Plan….


I may have mentioned that I’m now off work for TWO WHOLE WEEKS (not that I’m excited or anything), we’ve got loads planned and Mr Frugal’s neice is coming to stay for a week so I thought it would be an ideal time to get back in to my meal planning.  If I don’t . . . → Read More: This weeks Frugal Meal Plan….

Mmmm Honey….

We had a car boot sale on Sunday to make some extra pennies for our fortnight off (2 sleeps people, 2 sleeps).  It went pretty well actually, we made about £80 after paying to get in and taking into account the batch of designer clothes I bought for Miss Frugal.

The day started off cloudy and overcast so . . . → Read More: Mmmm Honey….

Chasing Rainbows….

I kind of cheated a bit with the Gallery this week as the post below was really written last week but I thought it fitted in with this weeks theme really well so I added the snazzy Gallery tag and moved the post to today   I hope that’s OK…..

We’ve just spotted the most . . . → Read More: Chasing Rainbows….

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