Cheats Pizza (and other stuff)….

Picture 058

I can't believe that on possibly the nicest day of the year so far, Mr Frugal has been at work all day and I feel like crap!  The poor kids have been stuck at home all day and are now so full of energy they are driving me up the wall ;-) I wouldn't mind but I had loads of stuff to do today as well.   At least I got one thing off my list done, I took Master Frugal to the hairdressers to get his hair cut this morning.  We got it done much shorter than usual as I am so, so fed up of having to constantly be combing his hair for nits.  I read a post on A Modern Mother the other day that … [Read more...]

Prized Possessions….

Picture 056

I've just read a brilliant post by Frugal Queen about a photograph that she loves so much that she would run back into a burning house to save it.  Frugal Queen asks - If you could only take one thing (apart from the kids) from a burning house, what would it be? I've given this some very serious consideration ;-) and realised that I can't choose just one bag from my handbag collection, that would just be unfair to the others, I also realise that I probably can manage without my hair straighteners and my juicy tubes for a short time and that my Smeg fridge probably isn't a saveable object … [Read more...]

The Gallery – Creatures

Picture 137

This weeks theme for The Gallery is 'Creatures', so I've had a look through my (many, many) photos and found some that fit the bill.... This weird looking creature is a  Dragon Sea Horse - you can just make out Master Frugal's reflection in the picture.  He was fascinated by it. We all got to hold a starfish when we went to the Sea Life Centre recently - it was that or a crab! Miss Frugal likes to pretend this horse is hers, it lives in a field near us so we often go for a walk on a night to say hello to 'Patches'. Miss Frugal watching Bruno the seal. If you haven't taken part in … [Read more...]

Not funny….

Picture 703

I asked Mr Frugal not to eat all the chocolate fingers last night as I never get a look in when he's around - this is what I found when I came downstairs this morning.   I'm presuming he thinks this is funny! … [Read more...]