Welcome Wednesday – Bloghop….


Are you looking for new followers for your blog or do you just want to find some nice shiny new blogs to read?  I sound like an ad for washing powder or something don't I? Anyway, after being inspired by our Mummy Blogger counterparts in the US I would like to suggest .... A Blog Hop! I've been thinking about doing this for ages but I kept deciding against it in case no one added their blog to the list or everyone thought it was a silly idea but I have been having a bit of bloggy block lately so I thought I would just do it.... But I promise - if no one enters I won't do it … [Read more...]

Cheats Pizza (and other stuff)….

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I can't believe that on possibly the nicest day of the year so far, Mr Frugal has been at work all day and I feel like crap!  The poor kids have been stuck at home all day and are now so full of energy they are driving me up the wall ;-) I wouldn't mind but I had loads of stuff to do today as well.   At least I got one thing off my list done, I took Master Frugal to the hairdressers to get his hair cut this morning.  We got it done much shorter than usual as I am so, so fed up of having to constantly be combing his hair for nits.  I read a post on A Modern Mother the other day that … [Read more...]



    I'm pleased to welcome Bounty to The Diary of a Frugal Family.    If you've got children you'll probably have already heard of Bounty because they're the company who provide new mothers with a 'Mum to be Essentials Pack'.  What you may not know is that Bounty also have a website offering advice, friendship and support about anything and everything pregnancy and baby related.  In fact, my two are seven and five and I still use Bounty as a resource.  I first heard about Bounty from my one of my friends and I used their pregnancy calculator well before my first midwife appointment to … [Read more...]