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Baking Day….

We’re having a bit of a baking day today.  So far we’ve made:

Cinnamon buns – When I attempted to make these originally I learned a valuable lesson – Always read the instructions on the yeast packet before using said yeast.  The recipe I used is here and I’m pleased to confirm that if you do . . . → Read More: Baking Day….

Half Term Meal Plan….



I love having a meal plan because it makes me feel organised and efficient as well as saving me lots of pennies – it’s just the actual sitting down and writing the meal plan and the shopping list that I hate!  I really must try and get myself motivated and start doing this every week . . . → Read More: Half Term Meal Plan….

Pizza Smiles….

It’s now officially half term which means that ‘Operation: Family Fun Half Term’ is officially underway.   (By the way, that’s the kids name not mine – I’m geeky but not that geeky lol)

We’ve got loads of activities planned for this week and I’ve managed to put in a few days holiday from work so I’m looking forward to . . . → Read More: Pizza Smiles….


As the title suggests, I have a dilemma and need your help.

I’m generally not a person who cares about household objects but I love, love, love my Smeg fridge.  I’ve always wanted one and I bought a second hand one off someone at work last year for £150.00 – an absolute bargain considering they cost over £1000.00 when . . . → Read More: Dilemma….