Baking Day….

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We're having a bit of a baking day today.  So far we've made: Cinnamon buns - When I attempted to make these originally I learned a valuable lesson - Always read the instructions on the yeast packet before using said yeast.  The recipe I used is here and I'm pleased to confirm that if you do in fact follow the instructions on the yeast packet, the buns will turn out yummy.  You would be so jealous right now if we had smelly-net as the batch in the oven smell sooooo good. Vanilla Traybake - Miss Independent Frugal is very proud of herself because she's made her own cake with no help from … [Read more...]

Half Term Meal Plan….


    I love having a meal plan because it makes me feel organised and efficient as well as saving me lots of pennies - it's just the actual sitting down and writing the meal plan and the shopping list that I hate!  I really must try and get myself motivated and start doing this every week again!  So, here's my half term meal plan:  Saturday: Lunch - Pizza Smiles                                          Tea - Home made macaroni cheese  Sunday: Brunch - American Style Pankcakes              Tea - Sunday Lunch (if the rain stops we're off to Lightwater Valley - picnic in that … [Read more...]

Pizza Smiles….

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It's now officially half term which means that 'Operation: Family Fun Half Term' is officially underway.   (By the way, that's the kids name not mine - I'm geeky but not that geeky lol) We've got loads of activities planned for this week and I've managed to put in a few days holiday from work so I'm looking forward to spending lots of time together.... I asked the kids this morning what they wanted to do today and Master Frugal asked if he could do some baking with me, which was fine as I love baking with both of them but he likes to do everything himself so I try and choose really … [Read more...]



As the title suggests, I have a dilemma and need your help. I'm generally not a person who cares about household objects but I love, love, love my Smeg fridge.  I've always wanted one and I bought a second hand one off someone at work last year for £150.00 - an absolute bargain considering they cost over £1000.00 when they're new.  Look at it, it's beautiful.  It's a lovely mint green colour that matches my kitchen lovely and I love it (have you noticed how many times I've said that?) BUT, lately it's developed a few 'little' issues.  My mother in law snapped the door off the ice box … [Read more...]