Stage 2 of the Garden Transformation….


Last July I blogged about my back garden and our attempts at making our rocky patch of garden into a nice family garden.  You can find the before picture here.  Unfortunately, the after pictures are not much better yet! The grass that we grew is all patchy and a bit bumpy and we still don't have a fence at the back, although we do have one at each side now. The border area that I set aside for growing vegetables is all overgrown and I still haven't got around to planting anything yet. Also because it's winter, my bins and recycling boxes are right in front of my patio doors - … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Baby Boy….


 I know, he's not really a baby anymore, even though the first thing he said this morning was 'Am I still your baby Mammy, even though I'm five?'  But he still feels like my baby and I can't believe he's five already.We had a fantastic birthday party for him tonight and he's now in bed absolutely worn out.  All of his friends came and everything went smoothly, the most traumatic moment was when someone got chips instead of munch crunch veg - oh the tears ;-).   He came home with more Ben 10 toys than anyone could ever want, along with some other rather … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Bad Mother….


This post was inspired by BNM over at Barenaked Mummy who doesn't care that she isn't an Alpha Mummy ;-)A little while ago I shared the worst thing I have ever done as a parent.  I won't go into that one again other than to say it involved a shopping trolley, someone elses child and an irate mother. There's been plenty of other things though, like the time that I thought Master Frugal was crying because he was upset I had sent him to bed but in actual fact he was crying because he had fallen out of bed and was wedged in his toy box!Or I could tell you about the time that … [Read more...]

Story cards….


After the fun we had making and playing our Razzle Dazzle board game we decided to try our hand at another game tonight.  We decided to make a story telling game as Miss Frugal is learning about descriptive words at school this week and I thought this might help.We made the story cards by cutting some A4 Sheets of card into quarters.  Next we cut some images off the front of my birthday cards from last week, things like a butterfly, a sheep, a pig, some flowers and a loveheart and then glued an image on to each piece of card.We didn't have enough pictures for all of our cards so … [Read more...]