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Meal Plan Challenge….

Can you believe it’s the last day of February today?  How mad is that!I am off work this week so I have decided to set myself a little meal plan challenge to spice up my weekly meal plan as it’s got a bit boring (actually – a lot boring).  I am going to cook a different . . . → Read More: Meal Plan Challenge….

Why we don’t go to the pictures more often….?

There’s a perfectly good reason why we rarely go to the pictures – it costs a bloody fortune….

(Excuse the dollar signs – ever since I got my laptop back my pound sign has gone AWOL)

$23.00 to get in – Me and Miss Frugal went to see Princess and the Frog and the boys went to see Astroboy.

$8.00 . . . → Read More: Why we don’t go to the pictures more often….?

Kind of a Vlog….

I got a new little camcorder this week as I have seen all the talk about the next big thing – Vlogging….

I tested it out tonight on Miss Frugal and the video she made was really cute so I thought I would share it with you all:

I quite clearly haven’t got the hang of using it . . . → Read More: Kind of a Vlog….

Welcome to Family Fun Weekend….

This weekend is officially family fun weekend, at least it will be when Mr Frugal finally gets his backside out of bed.  Just because he’s worked the night shift does not mean he can delay the start of our Family Fun Weekend lol.

I have had a fun morning with the kids playing on the Wii, building . . . → Read More: Welcome to Family Fun Weekend….

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