Recipe for Golden Syrup Biscuits….


To try out the aprons that we made yesterday we just made some yummy golden syrup biscuits. When I say we, I mean me, Miss Frugal and Baby Isabella (the doll!) so you can imagine how long it took us. Miss Frugal is soooo cute when she's pretending to be a mommy, she made sure that baby Isabella got to have go at everything and kept saying well done to her when she did something.... Aaaaaw. The recipe itself is super easy, all you need is:25 g (1 oz) butter or margarine2 1/2 tablespoons golden syrup1/2 teaspoon Bicarbonate of soda1/4 teaspoon vanilla essence100g (4 oz) self raising flour1. … [Read more...]

Super Sunday To Do List….

Now that I'm up I feel surprisingly motivated to do some housework. This is a strange feeling for me as I normally have to force myself to do my domestic goddess duties....Wash and dry the contents of my overflowing wash basket. Half way throughHoover throughout - note to self, must fix hoover first as its never been the same since I sucked up a sock. Thanks for fixing it Dad, my carpets are cream again!Get the kids to tidy their rooms. DoneMop Kitchen Floor. Will do tonight when the kids go to bedTidy the Clutter Cupboard.Sort out paperwork drawer. DoneAttach the new whiteboard to the kitchen … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning Rant….

I rarely get up before 10am on Sundays, not because I'm lazy (OK it is because I'm lazy) but it's the one day of the week when I CAN lie in. But oh no, not today, Mr Frugal decided it would be a good idea to set his alarm for 8am. Some mumbo jumbo about his body clock and working nights tonight. So, after waking me up with the loudest alarm in the world, he hobbled to the en suite bathroom and proceeded to blow his nose, although you could have mistaken the noise for a steam train driving through the bedroom. He managed to wake both kids up at this point. Not content with that, he then … [Read more...]

Make an Apron (Simple Version)

Today we made matching aprons for baby Isabella and her mummy, Miss Frugal.I should explain that Isabella is the doll that Miss Frugal got for Christmas, she crawls, walks, cries and even has temper tantrums. Apparently she needs an apron for when they are cooking together in Miss Frugal's bedroom!Now I am not talented or in any way good at sewing and some of you may well cringe at the basicness of this but all I did was cut out a rectangle and make the bottom corners look a bit rounded. Then I cut out two long ties and pinned them the top corners of the rectangle.It took Miss Frugal a good … [Read more...]