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The Naughty or Nice list….

I don’t know about you but from about the middle of November I use the words ‘Santa won’t bring you any presents if you are naughty’ at least once a day.

I have just found a brilliant Naughty or Nice checker that asks your child a few questions and then lets them know if they are on . . . → Read More: The Naughty or Nice list….

How to get a North Pole Postmark….

I am off work ill today as I have been up since about 4’o’clock coughing. I have dropped the kids off at school and am now snuggled up on the sofa watching Supermarket Sweep (feeling very sorry for myself might I add).

The kids were hyper this morning as they know that they can open their advent . . . → Read More: How to get a North Pole Postmark….

New Fridge….

Would I sound really sad if I told you that I have always dreamed of having a Smeg fridge? Ever since we bought our first house I have wanted one.

Today my wish came true I finally have one and it looks perfect in my kitchen

Look at it – it’s beautiful…… I keep going and looking . . . → Read More: New Fridge….

Christmas Shopping Update….

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO IGNORE THIS BLOG POST!I know that my Christmas shopping updates are probably about as boring as watching paint dry but it helps me keep track of where I am so I wont hold it against you if you do skip this post….

Mr Frugal and I dropped the kids off at breakfast . . . → Read More: Christmas Shopping Update….