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The Naughty or Nice list….

I don’t know about you but from about the middle of November I use the words ‘Santa won’t bring you any presents if you are naughty’ at least once a day.

I have just found a brilliant Naughty or Nice checker that asks your child a few questions and then lets them know if they are on . . . → Read More: The Naughty or Nice list….

How to get a North Pole Postmark….

I am off work ill today as I have been up since about 4′o’clock coughing. I have dropped the kids off at school and am now snuggled up on the sofa watching Supermarket Sweep (feeling very sorry for myself might I add).

The kids were hyper this morning as they know that they can open their advent . . . → Read More: How to get a North Pole Postmark….

New Fridge….

Would I sound really sad if I told you that I have always dreamed of having a Smeg fridge? Ever since we bought our first house I have wanted one.

Today my wish came true I finally have one and it looks perfect in my kitchen

Look at it – it’s beautiful…… I keep going and . . . → Read More: New Fridge….


I am having a bit of a freecycle day today – If you aren’t familiar with the joys of freecycling then have a look here where I have explained how it works and how to join.

Anyway, we have sorted out Master Frugal’s bedroom and managed to persuade him to part with about four carrier bags worth . . . → Read More: Freecycle….

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