How to get a North Pole Postmark….

I am off work ill today as I have been up since about 4'o'clock coughing. I have dropped the kids off at school and am now snuggled up on the sofa watching Supermarket Sweep (feeling very sorry for myself might I add).The kids were hyper this morning as they know that they can open their advent calendars tomorrow. I might as well put my day off to good use so I am trying to sort out their letters from Santa Claus.Usually, I buy personalised letters from Ebay for about £2.50 each but this year the Frugal kids are getting a frugal version using this siteFree letters from SantaYou can download … [Read more...]

A trip to the hospital and some frugal cleaning….

Slight trauma yesterday when we had to take Master Frugal to the hospital... He came off worst in a fight with the Wii remote.He had taken the safety strap off his wrist and was swinging it round while waiting for his turn and somehow managed to swing it full force into his mouth. There was blood everywhere (including my carpet - we'll get to that later though) and looking at it initially Mr Frugal thought that his tooth had bit right through. The blood was literally pouring out so we took him straight to the little A & E near us. They managed to stop the bleeding and confirmed that he hadn't … [Read more...]

It’s our Anniversary today….

I have been married to Mr Frugal for nine years today.I was at work till 6.3o so he picked me up and brought me home to a tidy house, a table full of cards and presents and a bunch of cream roses (although he couldn't quite find his way round the kitchen cupboards to find a pretty vase to put the roses in, he used one of the kids buckets!)He bought me a cute teddy bear ornament and a gorgeous card and the kids gave me another lovely card and the new Cheryl Cole CD. I think the CD was more for Miss Frugal as she loved Cheryl but I quite like her too so I'll let her off.I know Mr Frugal wanted … [Read more...]