My Halloween Family….


I have had a brilliant day today, one of those rare days where both kids were good all day and Mr Frugal was in a good mood too. They don't happen often in my world ;-) We got up this morning at about nine and went and had a quick game of bowling (1p each). After Mr Frugal wiped the floor with us all we went to Cineworld for the family film (£1 each) which was Ice Age 3. The kids loved the film and it made us love laugh too. After the film we came home and Mr Frugal did the pumpkin with the kids and we had a game of giant Ludo (reduced from £7.50 to £1 in Tescos) and a tournament on the … [Read more...]

Writing Game….


I have just played a writing game with Miss Frugal that she really enjoyed so I thought I would share it with you.All I need was write the first line of a story and then I let Miss Frugal do the next line. We took it in turns writing and ended up with a little story.We started spashing in puddles and ended up with having a brain freeze after having a slush puppy at the Wacky Warehouse!!!I'm not sure what to do for the rest of the day. Its not very nice weather and we have already been bowling (Hollywood Bowl 1p each during half term mornings) and to the pictures to see Fantastic Mr Fox. On … [Read more...]

Clutter Cupboard….


Does anyone else have a clutter cupboard like mine:I know its not a cupboard, it's a bookshelf but 'Clutter Bookshelf' doesn't sound as catchy does it?My clutter 'cupboard' is right by the door in our living room and is used as a dumping ground for everything. I considered getting rid of it but the room has no other storage and things would only get left on the floor if we didn't have it. In theory the kids have a shelf each and I have one too, Mr Frugal has his computer desk in the kitch so he doesn't get one (Aaaaaaaaw).I am thinking of revamping it (obviously in frugal fashion) but am not … [Read more...]

Bit down tonight….

I'm feeling a bit down tonight, it's a combination of a few things but mainly Master Frugal and our money situation!Master Frugal is still not settling in at school, he is worrying about getting into trouble (he's really good and never gets told off) and gets upset if he doesn't understand something straight away. This is a complete change in him to last year and I am sure its just down to him adapting to 'big school' but his teacher has said to me that if she doesn't see an improvement in him next term, we should go in and see her to decide what the best thing to do is. He cried this … [Read more...]