Gorgeous Peach Cobbler….


Every week I look forward to the weekend as its the only 2 days of the week that we are all at home together and we always try to do something that we know that the kids will enjoy.As it was so nice yesterday we decided to have a trip to the beach. We live about five minutes away from the beac but we don't go too often as Mr Frugal hates the beach - he hates the sand in his feet and he hates the sea as he says you don't know whats in it. But the weather was so nice that we decided to take the kids down and let them have a paddle. But.... Disaster struck when Master Frugal fell over in the sea … [Read more...]

What not to do with the kids today….

This morning we decided to use the bif roll of brown parcel paper to draw around each of the kids and let them colour themselves in.... They were having such fun that I let them get on with it while I tidied up and did some jobs and half an hour later I went back to see the finished product. It seems they decided to work together and just colour in the one of Master Frugal... It looked really good until I noticed they had added in a drawing of a willy with wee coming out of it! They wanted to cut it out and stick it on the side of the fridge and can't understand why I wont ;-)I won't share … [Read more...]

Princess Castle Birthday cake….

I found a couple of good cake moulds on e bay but they are all around £15.00 so I thought that I might as well buy the big cake for Asda for that price and not have the stress of making a cake on top of the rest if the usual party stresses. That was until I came across the instructions for how to make a princess castle birthday cake....I have watched this twice and I really think that I could do this and it would look so much better than a shop bought, mass produced one. I am not sure if I dare though in case it all goes wrong!Time for a think.... (Although I am already seeing the admiration … [Read more...]

What food to make for a kids party….

Miss Frugal's party is a week on Sunday so I am starting to plan the finer details of it now. She gave out the invites yesterday at school and so far we have 10 definites, we are waiting for about another 20 to get back to us. I reckon that I am going to be looking at about 25 kids, which would be good as that's how many party bags the entertainer includes in his price. Any others are £1.50 each....The entertainment side of things is sorted as the entertainer we have hired will do a 45 miniute magic show and will then sit them all down for something to eat, while they're eating he will do … [Read more...]