Warning: Seriously disgusting alert!I am really trying hard to make more good old fashioned home cooked meals but sometimes after a busy day at work the teptation is there to send Mr Frugal to the chippy or make something simple for the kids and ring for a takeaway when they have gone to bed....I am always looking for shortcuts.... Things like cooking double the portion so I can freeze some for another time or freezing veg and mushrooms in one serving portions ready to just throw in whatever I am cooking but there are some things that even I wouldn't consider....Check out this link for some … [Read more...]

The best shop in the world….

I don't know if you have ever heard of a company called Lakeland, if you have then you will completely understand what I am about to say but if not, they are a company selling all sorts of kitchen and household goodies.I could spend hours reading through one of their catalogues or browing their on line store, its one of those companies that sell things that you really need even if you didn't know you need it and if you don't need it you will really really want it!Anyway, I realised last week that I haven't recieved anything from them since we moved house so I immediately went on line and … [Read more...]

I’m back….


I can't believe its been a week since my last post!I wasn't very well at the start of the week and the end of the week was completely taken up with organising Miss Frugal's birthday party. The party was today and it was fantastic.I ended up making the princess castle cake that I posted about last week and it was definately not as simple as it looked on the Youtube video. Mine looked nothing like Betty Crocker's did but I was actually really pleased with it.I am sure I could have bought a ready made cake from the supermarket for less than it cost to make this but Miss Frugal was so pleased with … [Read more...]

Frumpy Sunday and Peach Cobbler….


Every week I look forward to the weekend as its the only 2 days of the week that we are all at home together and we always try to do something that we know that the kids will enjoy.As it was so nice yesterday we decided to have a trip to the beach. We live about five minutes away from the beac but we don't go too often as Mr Frugal hates the beach - he hates the sand in his feet and he hates the sea as he says you don't know whats in it. But the weather was so nice that we decided to take the kids down and let them have a paddle. But.... Disaster struck when Master Frugal fell over in the sea … [Read more...]