Budget Bedroom….

I have finished Miss Frugal’s bedroom now and I am so pleased with how its turned out, my main concern about living frugally was that I didn’t want the kids to miss out. If anything the decision to change the way that we lived was more to do with freeing up more money and time to do things with the kids.

The room is very girly and is probably to pink and princessy for most people’s taste but for a six year old girl, it’s ‘absolutely awesome’ which she assures me is as good as it gets….
The bed was a complete bargain (see here) but didn’t come with the drapes so I went to our local fabric store and bought 12m of voile, cut it into four panels of 3m each and just hung over each corner of the bed. I then gathered it together and ties it with some sparkly ribbon that I bought. The voile was £1.50 a metre and I spent another £1.00 on the ribbon so altogether it was £19.00. Which is over half the price of the cheapest curtains that I saw.
The letters on the wall were from e bay and were only £1.25 each. They are all themed around fairies and are very good quality.
The is my favourite piece of furniture ever, I first saw it in the Verbaudet catologue but it was about £80.00 so I didn’t get it but I kept looking for it on e bay hoping that it would pop up one day and the day that it did, I bought it for £42.00. I kept in the garage until we moved house and love it as much as I did when I first saw it. Verbaudet have a gorgeous range of kids furniture and I would love to be able to afford more of it.
The flower garden stickers on the wall were from e bay as well. They cost about £4.00.

These butterfly stickers were reduced from £19.99 (Not sure who would have paid that price) to just £1.00 in B&Q.;
I am not very technical so I haven’t got a clue how to rotate this picture but this is our chandalier. I got it from one of the Next outlet stores for £10.00.
So there you have it, a frugal bedroom which including the bed, cost under £100 and thats including extra bits that were too boring to photo but all add to the pink girliness…. I think it looks good but even more important, Miss Frugal loves it.

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