This weeks meal plan….


This is my menu plan for the week. I usually do my weeks plan on a Friday ready for shopping on a Saturday but I am a bit late this week as we have had a houseguest staying with us this week. I try and get Miss Frugal to do it with me to help her with her writing and to have fun in the kitchen with her as I really want to encourage her to learn to cook and to enjoy being in the kitchen with me. This weeks plan is very bitsy as I am trying to use up all of the little bits in the cupboards and the freezer and I thought that with me being off work again this was the ideal week to use up the odds … [Read more...]

Budget Bedroom….


I have finished Miss Frugal's bedroom now and I am so pleased with how its turned out, my main concern about living frugally was that I didn't want the kids to miss out. If anything the decision to change the way that we lived was more to do with freeing up more money and time to do things with the kids.The room is very girly and is probably to pink and princessy for most people's taste but for a six year old girl, it's 'absolutely awesome' which she assures me is as good as it gets....The bed was a complete bargain (see here) but didn't come with the drapes so I went to our local fabric store … [Read more...]

Get rid of your tumble drier….


In our new house there is space in the kitchen for either a dishwasher or a tumble drier so we decided to get rid of the tumble drier and go for the dishwasher (not that we have saved up the pennies to buy a new one yet, but thats a whole other story...). We gave the tumble drier away on freecycle and decided to do without. Now you need to understand what a sacrifice this was for me as I loved my tumble drier, I used it all the time and never hung my washing out as I always forgot to bring it in and ended up washing it again! So naturally, I thought I would be lost without it, but I got over … [Read more...]

Four poster bed dilemma….

We are in the middle of decorating Miss Frugal's bedroom, all girly and pink. She did have a set of bunk beds but I found a four poster bed on sale in the Litllewoods on-line sale a few months ago and using a £30.00 off for new customers voucher that I found at I managed to get it for £23.00 which was fantastic and just what we needed for her room. The only snag was that it didn't come with the bed drapes.... And as I am trying to be more frugal, I don't want to spend a fortune on the sets that I have found on the internet.We've built the bed now and with a few more … [Read more...]