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Birthday Party Challenge….


Miss Frugal’s game has just sold for £8.00 on e bay so I have a bit extra to add to my challenge pot….

Ebay: £31.00Mobile Phone: £9.00Old Bank Account: £20.00===============Total £59.00===============E bay fees: £10.00===============Left to make £151.00===============

My next job is to go through the CD’s and DVD’s to see if there is anything on there that can . . . → Read More: Birthday Party Challenge….

This weeks meal plan….

This is my menu plan for the week. I usually do my weeks plan on a Friday ready for shopping on a Saturday but I am a bit late this week as we have had a houseguest staying with us this week.

I try and get Miss Frugal to do it with me to help her . . . → Read More: This weeks meal plan….

Birthday Party Challenge….

Good News and Bad News on the challenge front. I found an old bank account with £20 in it so I will put that towards it but…. just realised I had e bay fees to pay so had to pay £10 out of my profits yesterday.

Ebay: £23.00Mobile Phone: £9.00Old Bank Account: £20.00===============Total £51.00===============E bay fees: . . . → Read More: Birthday Party Challenge….

Budget Bedroom….

I have finished Miss Frugal’s bedroom now and I am so pleased with how its turned out, my main concern about living frugally was that I didn’t want the kids to miss out. If anything the decision to change the way that we lived was more to do with freeing up more money and time to . . . → Read More: Budget Bedroom….