#CookingWithKids – Super Easy Jammy Buns….


We've had a baking afternoon today in an effort to keep the kids entertained while the rain continues outside!  We decided to make jammy buns first of all because (a) they're super easy to make, (b) they're delicious and (c) they're super easy to make. ;-) Jammy buns You need: 8 oz self raising flour 4 oz sugar 3 oz butter or margarine a little bit of milk to mix jam * Rub the butter into the flour until it looks a bit like breadcrumbs. * Add the sugar and mix it in. * Mix it together with a spoonful of milk at a time until the mixture looks like a stiff dough. * Roll the … [Read more...]

Recipe for home made play dough….


The six weeks holiday are here again and for those people with kids, you will understand my dilemma with how to keep them occupied for the next month or so.My first idea is home made play dough, which should keep them quiet for a couple of hours. I always find it keeps them quieter if we have a theme when we are playing with play dough, like a shop and all the things we make go in the shop. Then when they are bored with making things they can play shops with the things that they have made.Ingredients2 cups water1 cup saltfood colouring4 tsp. cream of tartar (you can find this in the baking … [Read more...]

Two weeks until pay day….

I am on a mission! There are almost two weeks left until payday and I have just checked our bank account and got a rather nasty suprise.... There's a lot less money in there than I thought so it looks as though its going to be a super-frugal end to the month.I have dropped Miss Frugal off at school and am now going to start today with a good old tidy up of the house as I always feel better when the house is spotless. I am armed with my stardrops and a microfibre cloth so it shouldn't take too long.I have been thinking this morning about making my own soaps and beauty products so I might have … [Read more...]

Homemade ice lolly recipes….

Its so hot outside isn’t it? Normally in this weather we spend a fortune on ice creams and ice lollys for the kids and I have decided that this summer we will make our own ice lollies to not only save a fortune but also because the ice lollys that you can buy in the shops are filled with e numbers and sugar…. Not good for a peaceful afternoon in the sun are they?I have bought some cheap ice lolly moulds from Tescos and searched the internet for instructions on how to make ice lollys and I have come up with a few ice lolly recipes so I thought I would share them with you. Happy licking!* Not an … [Read more...]