#CookingWithKids – Super Easy Jammy Buns….


We've had a baking afternoon today in an effort to keep the kids entertained while the rain continues outside! ¬†We decided to make jammy buns first of all because (a) they're super easy to make, (b) they're delicious and (c) they're super easy to make. ;-) Jammy buns You need: 8 oz self raising flour 4 oz sugar 3 oz butter or margarine a little bit of milk to mix jam * Rub the butter into the flour until it looks a bit like breadcrumbs. * Add the sugar and mix it in. * Mix it together with a spoonful of milk at a time until the mixture looks like a stiff dough. * Roll the … [Read more...]

Recipe for home made play dough….


The six weeks holiday are here again and for those people with kids, you will understand my dilemma with how to keep them occupied for the next month or so.My first idea is home made play dough, which should keep them quiet for a couple of hours. I always find it keeps them quieter if we have a theme when we are playing with play dough, like a shop and all the things we make go in the shop. Then when they are bored with making things they can play shops with the things that they have made.Ingredients2 cups water1 cup saltfood colouring4 tsp. cream of tartar (you can find this in the baking … [Read more...]

Pick your own fruit and vegetables….

I am thinking of taking the kids to one of those pick your own (PYO) farms as it sounds like fun and I like the idea of knowing exactly where our food has come from. I have found a website that tells you where your local PYO farms are located so I am going to find my local one and try it out.Check for your nearest one here.I might even try making some home made jam with the fruit that doesn't get eaten.... I have been told that all you need is to do is cook your fruit with a little bit of water until it's soft. Then add 1lb of jam sugar for every 1lb of fruit that you started with. By using … [Read more...]

Quick cook chocolate fudgie pudding….

I have just made this choccy pudding for the kids for tea and they absolutely loved it. It only used ingredients that I had in so it was cheap too.Ingredients:4oz plain flour5 level tbsp cocoa2 level tsp baking powderpinch salt10oz soft light brown sugar6 fl oz milk2 tbsp veg oil1 tsp vanilla2 oz chopped walnuts, optionalInstructions:Mix the flour, 2 tablespoons of the cocoa, the baking powder and the salt together and stir in 4oz of the sugar.Pour in milk, oil and vanilla and beat until smooth. Add the nuts if you are using them (It tastes gorgeous with or without).Pour into an oven proof … [Read more...]